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Pregnancy: More Common QuestionsEmbarazo: Otras preguntas frecuentes

Pregnancy: More Common Questions

On this sheet, you'll find answers to some common questions about pregnancy. If you have other questions, talk with your health care provider.


Will Traveling Be Too Stressful?

Not if you set the pace. When you plan a trip, allow time to stop and rest. You may even want to postpone travel until the second trimester, when your body is more adjusted to pregnancy. Don't wait as long as the third trimester, because of the possibility of going into early labor. Travel to a location where health care facilities are close by.

Can I Still Be a Vegetarian?

Yes. Be sure to consult a registered dietitian. And be sure to get enough of the following:

  • Protein: Eat eggs and milk if you're an ovo-lacto vegetarian. Eat vegetable proteins such as tofu and beans if you're a vegan.

  • Calcium: If you don't eat dairy, try soy milk and soy cheese fortified with calcium.

  • Vitamin B12: You may need to take a supplement that includes folic acid.

  • Vitamin D: If you don't drink milk, ask about taking a supplement.

Can I Paint My Nails?

Yes. Just be careful about breathing the fumes. Keep windows open or use a fan.

Should I Eat More If I Exercise?

You will only need an extra 100 calories for each 30 minutes of mild exercise. But you'll also need more fluids. Drink at least an extra 8 ounces of water.

Do I Have to Stop Jogging?

You can jog as long as you are comfortable. Many women find the impact or bounce of a jog doesn't feel good. Some switch to brisk walking as their pregnancy advances.

What Should I Limit or Avoid Eating or Drinking?

Avoid unpasteurized milk products or juices. Also, avoid raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, or eggs. Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol, unless your health care provider tells you otherwise.

Can I Lift Weights?

If you have been lifting weights, there is no need to stop. Instead, keep the weights light and in control. Never hold your breath. If you haven't been lifting weights, don't start now.

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